B.e Quality Slowfashion is a brand for a lifestyle in harmony with nature and the human beings.

Our Refined Basics for Women, Men & Newborn are made in Organic Pima, a premium cotton with an extraordinary softness. For this reason, it is a pleasure to wear them and are ideal for people with delicate skin or eczema.

In addition, the manufacturing applies tailor techniques. As a consequence, B.e Quality garments are refined pieces you may wear in any occasion, casual or elegant. Moreover, the simplicity of our styles make them timeless pieces you may wear over the years and always look and feel good.

Above all, our aim to create a more conscious fashion translates in producing B.e Quality slowfashion garments that are 100% sustainable. Consequently, as part of this our mission we have created videos and a blog with useful information for you to make better choices.

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