About us

Apparel for Ethical & Sustainable Women

We live in changing times within a fashion industry that creates obsolescence, some of which is built on questionable ethics. It is time for a new set of values.

B.e is taking a position in creating an Evergreen brand with our B.e Quality Cotton that is much more resistant than traditional cottons to wash & wear, so lasts in time, as the Slowfashion promotes.

The Simplicity of our designs allow you to get in contact with your bare essence and express your inner light.

Raising your awareness is the first step in change. We alone will not save the earth, but we ALL can be part of it.

Quality you Feel. We use exclusively the Peruvian Pima Cotton, better known as the Cashmere of Cottons, 100% Cotton fibres as soft and shiny as silk, and as a consequence, our fabrics have a unique softness that you may feel on your skin.

Manufacturing is made with the highest attention, applying tailoring techniques that make the difference.

Ecologic. We are not only committed to providing High Quality but also produce our garments exclusively with ‘with eco-friendly production, using only hypoallergenic and non toxic dyes on our fabrics. These choices create the least amount of impact on our planet, reducing pollution of the water on dyeing process and non biodegradable wastage.

Our hang tags and gift box are made with recycled and FSC certified paper.

Ethical. We choose to work with peruvian small cooperatives, where the owners are the employees. In this way fair wages and a comfortable working environment is guaranteed, thus sustaining a positive working relationship where people who contribute their talents to the creation of B.e products, results in a more quality & longer-lasting garment.

Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection…

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 23

Sustainability. B.e is an active citizen participating to social causes that we believe in. B.e attracts socially conscious women & men. Unique and passionate, they are always trying to improve themselves and their communities.

Our philosophy is: we have profits, our suppliers have profit. We all grow together in a constructive and balanced relationship.

For this reason, our production supports sustainable enterprises in developing countries, and empower small local producers, improving their ways of life and giving them more opportunities. And this is how we want to continue growing.

Sustainable Fashion. Our designs are created without the pressure of time and will be worn with pride much longer than traditional fashion dictates, reducing the wastage of garments & taking from the planet no more than what we need.

In our aim to interpret the power of simplicity, B.e garments offer a clean image that is easy to fit in any wardrobe and is a perfect choice for layering.

The collection is exclusively designed in Italy with a common guideline: Simplicity with the intention to allow you to get in contact with your bare essence and express your inner light.

B.e is a collection of stylish Women’s tops, tunics, and dresses and Men’s T-shirts: Essential pieces that follow you on a piece of your journey.

The Team

B.e was founded in 2010 by Pilar Morales, textile engineer with a background of more than 10 years of experience on luxury Italian fashion companies.

B.e believes on success based on a team work, with both Professional and Human Qualities, who are committed to support organic production and ethic production.

The team has extensive experience managing production and quality control in Italy and around the world. This know-how on textile production is matched with selected fashion designers and stylists.