Pima Cotton, the Cashmere of Cottons

We produce the B.e Quality Cotton uniquely with the Peruvian Pima Cotton.

It is a very soft and brilliant cotton, similar to silk.  This is why it is one of the finest cotton in the world. For this reason, many call it the “Cashmere of Cottons”.

The Peruvian Pima Cotton belongs to the Extra Long Staple  (ELS) cotton fibre’s category.  Its staples length go from 3 to 3.8 cm. It is almost double the length of normal cotton fibres that are around 1.2 to 2 cm. Moreover, it’s fibre is much more resistant than normal cotton.

Another reason why of this extraordinary softness is that the Pima Cotton fibre has a finer diameter, around 30% finer than normal cotton fibre.

The Pima Cotton grows only on the northern coastal area in Peru. The Harvest and Selection of the fibres is done by hand. So we obtain a yarn of a unique pureness comparing to yarns of the typical mechanical harvesting methods.

The dyeing and finishing processes are ideal to maintain the qualities of the Pima Cotton unaltered in your garments, lasting longer than normal cotton pieces!

The cotton we buy comes from organic certified farming, maintaining a balanced ecosystem in the growing areas and is safer for people working and living in the area.