B.e Quality Cotton

B.e Quality Cotton is uniquely made with Peruvian Pima Cotton. Peruvian Pima Cotton belongs to the Extra Long Cotton fibre’s category, as its staples length go from 1,2 to 1,5 inches, almost double length of normal cotton fibres that are around 0,5 to 0,8 inches.

This is the reason why it is a very brilliant and soft cotton, similar to silk, considered one of the most refined cotton fibres in the world. It is known as the “Cashmere of Cottons”.

This cotton is grown on the northern coastal area in Peru, where Harvest and Selection of the fibres are done manually, obtaining a yarn of a hard to achieve pureness compared to yarns obtained through the typical mechanical harvesting methods.

The dyeing and finishing processes have been studied to maintain the qualities of the Pima Cotton unaltered in time.