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How can B.e Quality Cotton be softer and more resistant? Is it a chemical or physical treatment made to the Fabric/ Yarn?

The Pima Cotton naturally grows with these characteristics.

Length comparison: home -made preparation and picture of the image

The Pima Cotton belongs to the ELS cotton (Extra Long Staple)

category: it’s fibre is from 50% to 75% longer that common cotton

fibre.  For this reason a B.e Quality garment is more resistant to pilling and wear.



The unique softness is due to its morphology:

Reproduced Transversal Section of the shape of standard and pima cotton fibres

The standard cotton fibre shape,

seen from a transversal cut is like a bean. The Pima Cotton fibre has a more regular and opened shape, allowing the light reflect in a higher proportion.

The second element is that the diameter of the fibre is thinner compared to the standard cotton. This already makes it a softer fibre, and allows to have thinner yarns too, that increases the softness feeling.

Another difference is that the shape of a cotton fibre is like a ribbon that has a bit of torsion. The Pima Cotton fibre is more flat, having less torsion.

To say that is also a very ancient cotton plant that was known already before the spanish conquest. The inca civilization belief, as it was so soft and brilliant, was that the common people could not use it!  So only the Inca king could use it!

Where does the Pima Cotton come from?

The pima cotton has its origins in the northern coastal areas of Peru, where it grows wild.

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