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By Be Quality | Comments: 0 | September 23, 2018

The Love Collection: why?

Our intention with the Love Collection is to create garments that make us feel good. In this sense, it aims to help us to look back to who we really are. And to focus on the things that make us happy inside and healthier. By wearing the Love Collection garments, we learn to get in contact with our human side!

Do you know which are the things that make You happy? Those that really matter?

Recent studies show that today we are full of objects and activities to do, and with all this noise we are no longer able to listen to what happens inside us. On time,  we are becoming more vulnerable and weak.

Can fashion help us regain our natural balance?

We do think so. And The Love Collection has been created with the intention to remind us of the gestures and attitudes of love. Those gestures that warm our hearts, even the hardest ones! For this reason it is conceived as a love story in different series, told by our garments.
In this adventure we start with the Hug. We have developed 4 models  interpreting a Hug: the Scarf, the 3/4 Sleeve Shirt, the Skirt and the Dress.

 Discover the Love Collection on our website, or by #indossaunabbraccio #lovecollection. By sharing it, making comments and buying our Love Collection pieces you help us build a new concept of fashion and spread the message of Love!


Why did we start by the Hug?

Hug Top & Skirt. Hug Dress

The Hug is a gesture that expresses affection and love at different levels. Many scientific studies agree that the Hug positively affects our mood and our health, makes us happy! For example, it lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and reduces depression. The Love Collection pieces have details that recall the gesture of the Hug, so as to remind you of the hug from someone dear to you and specially, to Hug more.

The Best Quality for You

We want you to feel joy when you wear the Love Collection garments, but also to wear them for many years. For this reason we use one of the finest cottons in the world, the  Peruvian Pima cotton, with an extraordinary softness and brightness. It is a cotton that dates back to before the conquest of America. Only the Inca (the King) and his family could use it, as was a gift from the Gods. Now you can use it too! This material is even more resistant than normal cotton, so our garments can become a life traveling companions!

Made with Responsability and Respect

The Love Collection  is made with Responsability. All our production processes are Respectful of the earth, using only environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, respectful of workers, who have a fair salary and adequate working conditions, respectful of our customers, givig them a high value for the purchase they make, as B.e Quality is a product of excellent quality, a luxury you deserve!

We really need YOU to make this project grow around the world.

Support the project  and Wear a Hug with the Love Collection!

Create the world in which you want to live wearing or giving a hug! It’s good for you and the people close to you.


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