Our Impact in 2023 through Fashion

By Be Quality | Comments: 0 | February 8, 2023

The year 2022 has ended and we are fully in the new year 2023. And the question is: how can we improve our impact on the planet through our fashion habits. We know that little and constant habits can make a tremendous change. The problem is that we always leave this for later.

We all know our planet is overloaded of pollution: in the air, in the waters and the lands. The good news is that our beautiful planet can clean and regenerate itself at a certain extent. But we are discarding waste and polluting substances in a much higher volume than the planet can process.

It is easy to understand that the more we reduce the waste and pollution we create, the more we help mother earth to regenerate.

There are many ways to support the cleaning of the lands, the air and the waters. One is, for example, to plant a tree or any plant you can. And even if it might not seem easy as some of you live in an apartment, you can still do a lot. Perhaps you have a terrace or a balcony, or on your neighbourhood there could be free areas where you can plant something, getting together with friends and family on this direction, etc. A tiny contribution of a greener area is already making a big difference.

In my personal experience, we moved to the countryside to live in the middle of nature. We are planting new fruit trees and many other plants to regenerate the environment we live in and be a bit more self-sufficient. In short, the more green there is covering the land, the more we support the process of regeneration of the planet.

Some Considerations about Fashion

We just need to think of how our mothers and grandmothers used to do. They had garments of a very good quality, many of which we can still use today. They knew how to repair them and many were able to make their own garments and garments for their families. It was normal and part of their life. But today it is an extraordinary event to repair a garment. In this fastfashion world, it became the norm to throw it away, as nobody takes the time to repair it. It’s “easier” to buy a new one.

Over the last centuries fashion trends are passing in a faster pace. If we think of the 1400’s or the 1500’s, the fashion trends lasted for many years. In the 1900’s, the trends lasted decades (50`s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…) and now it seems it lasts few weeks. And the questions are: who is having the benefit of it? so, why should we stop using a garment we love, just because somebody has decided it is out of trend?

Our Contribution for a Cleaner Planet through Fashion

Thinking about fashion there are many responsible ways to use and consume our garments. As a consequence of doing so, we do feel better, as we know we are ‘contributing to a cleaner environment’ and we also save some money.

Some ideas of things we can easily do to increase our impact in a healthier planet are, for example:

  • Repair your garments: it is much easier than you think to apply a patch where there is a new hole, or replace a button, a zip, an elastic, etc. You can search for a workshop in your city or online tutorials. There are more than you can imagine.
  • Reuse pieces you have in the wardrobe that you do not use since a long time.
  • Refashion or transform a garment that doesn’t fit you or per it’s size, or that is no longer your style, (or that eventually has a hole) in another kind of garment or accessory that you can still use. There is so much space for your creativity.
  • Recycle, it is a great way to re-use so many materials used to make our garments. And if it is made of any natural fibre, and you cannot use it any more, you can put it in the compost.
  • Reduce, and when you are tempted to compulsive shopping, ask yourself: do I really need it? how many times will I use it? by answering these 2 questions, the urge to buy might disappears.
  • Swap parties are excellent to exchange pieces you don’t use against other pieces somebody else doesn’t use any more.
  • Buy articles made of natural fibres, they are always better for your health and for the planet.
  • Choose timeless styles and of a good quality, so that you can wear longer over many years.

Maybe you have other interesting ideas for more sustainable fashion habits, please share them with us in the comments so that we all learn from you. The important thing is that we all become active. Just by a little and constant change our impact towards a cleaner planet becomes huge.

Be the Change You Want to See.



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