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Sustainable Christmas this 2022

By Be Quality | Comments: 0 | December 18, 2022

Christmas is arriving and, as every year, we are subjected to a constant bombardment of advertising of products to buy. Specially addressed to children, but also to adults. As a consequence, we all have a strong social pressure to buy ‘gifts’ to our loved ones.

Furthermore, we should note that companies invest more than 600 billion a year in advertising to satisfy our needs and desires. However, most of the products we buy are thrown away in less than 6 months. This results in huge waste of resources and environmental impacts. It also reveals how little satisfaction many of these products actually generate for us.

Is it just about consumerism?

Indeed, a figure that gives food for thought: only the United Kingdom will spend £20.1 billion on Christmas gifts in 2022, 21% less than in 2021 (£25.5 billion).(1)

Hence, we consume more than ever, and the problem is that this rate of resource use is not sustainable. In fact, the United Nations has warned that “it could take the equivalent of almost three planets to provide the natural resources needed to maintain current lifestyles in 2050.”

Many studies confirm that Consumerism will not make us happier, and for sure it will make us only poorer.

Sustainability doesn’t mean stopping enjoying our celebrations. It’s just about enjoying while being aware that everything we do has an impact and trying to minimize it. That should make it easy to put the brakes on compulsive and excessive consumption at Christmas.

The spirit of Christmas

It’s always good to remember that Christmas has always been related to solidarity and good resolutions. Somehow we all become more sensitive and good-hearted towards the world around us, independently of our religion and beliefs. It is a time to think about sharing, abundance and prosperity.

On my opinion, many of us make (consciously or not) an introspection. We observe how can we become better persons, what can be made better next time for the good of the society and our loved ones, etc.

How can we make a Sustainable Christmas?

  • Remember the very essence of Christmas celebration for you and your family.
  • To start with, choose long lasting products for a gift, rather that a discardable object. Slowfashion is an excellent option.
  • Ask your loved ones to make wish lists or ask them about things that they might need, that they are looking forward to or that have a special meaning for them.
  • Always better to buy a natural product: garments made of natural fibres, wooden toys, etc
  • Opt for products with low environmental impact or with reliable eco-certifications . Some examples: FSC, PEFC, Ecolabel, Gots, Wrap and Fairtrade gifts, which have an impact on the communities of producers in poor countries.
  • In addition, buy locally and at small stores is more than ever relevant this year. The pandemic and lockdowns made small businesses and brick-and-mortar stores face enormous challenges.
  • Instead of buying cheap gifts, join together among several people and make a good high quality gift that lasts longer.
  • Make second hand gifts: clothes, bags, books, etc. Second hand frees the planet from producing and transporting new products and extends the life of the products.

Enjoy your Sustainable Christmas with your loved ones, sharing special moments together. I am sure the more sustainable, the more warm-hearted celebration will be.



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