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Love Collection

Wear a Hug with the Love Collection!

What is the connection between fashion and Love? or with a hug?

Recent studies show that today we are full of objects and activities to do. With all this noise we are becoming more vulnerable and weak. In the world there are more behavioral disorders or even depression cases. And the trend is growing.

The intention of the Love Collection is to remind all of us the gestures and attitudes of love, which are healthy and warm our hearts, even the hardest ones! The Love Collection has been conceived as a love story in different series, told by its pieces.
The choice of the Hug as the beginning of this story:
it is a gesture that expresses affection and love on various levels. The Hug garments have details that remind us to hug more or a loved one’s hug.

Science has confirmed many benefits of the Hug! Some of them are: strengthen the Immune system, reduces blood pressure, reduces anxiety, increases self control in stressful moments, reduces heart diseases, increases self esteem, improves the attention and concentration, among others.

Many good reasons to Hug more!

The intention of this project is that when we wear these garments we could feel the joy, as if we were receiving that gesture of love.

Remember we are using one of the finest cottons in the world, Pima Peruvian Cotton, with an extraordinary softness and brightness. And it is also more resistant than normal cotton, so these garments become life companions! As Love and Values do!