Slowfashion Shop

Welcome to our B.e Quality, Slowfashion Shop for a sustainable lifestyle.

B.e Quality is a collection of refined basics for Woman, Men & Newborn, created to last over the years.

Remember that each extra season we use a garment we reduce its carbon and water footprint of about 20-25%.

In addition, the manufacturing pays the highest attention.  We apply tailoring techniques that leads to obtain refined garments, very different from mass products.

The power of simplicity translates in refined pieces every wardrobe needs, specially a minimalist one.

All our garments are made in Organic Pima Cotton.

We use exclusively the Peruvian Pima, the finest cotton fibres you can feel on your skin, with an extraordinary softness for all our pieces.

Moreover, we work with a Sustainable supply chain where our suppliers are certified for Social Responsibility. This means there is no child labour, and that workers have fair wages, safe and good working conditions.

Enjoy our Slowfashion Shop, and our products in Organic Pima Cotton,  the best choice you can make!

B.e Quality lasts in time, as Love And Values do!

p.s. to know more about the Organic Cotton, see our video here.