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By Be Quality | Comments: 0 | September 23, 2018

On my personal opinion, at the origin of all our fears, agressiveness, etc, there is always an emptiness that could be filled only with Love. The Love Collection has been created to remind us of the things that really matter in our lives: Love! So our garments have the intention to remind you to practice more and more the gestures and attitudes of love!
The first chapter of the Love Collection is inspired to the Hug, with the intention to create the habit of hugging more, for our better wellbeing and health.

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RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERISM – 19 October 2017 – IWF Bolonia, Italy

By Webmaster | Comments: 2 | December 31, 2017

1 – Is Responsible Consumerism on fashion or is it a social trend? In general, I think is a social change and there is no turning back. Today people has a higher access to information. And we are aware of the impact of our choices in the world. As we know, Fashion is the 2nd