B.e Quality, Sustainable EcoFashion as A Final Destination

By Be Quality | Comments: 0 | February 5, 2019

B.e Quality, a Final Destination of a Journey from Traditional Fashion Industry to Sustainable & Eco Fashion world.

As a peruvian teenager, Pilar Morales’ dream was to become a Textile Engineer in Spain. Peru has a long tradition on textiles from pre-columbian cultures and produces many of the finest natural fibres: Tanguis cotton, Pima Cotton, Alpaca, Vicuña.

This dream came true and she graduated on 1998 at UPC, Spain. It was a great experience! Since then she has been working as Quality Control and Production Manager for european brands, from medium to luxury brands. Part of her work was traveling around the world to follow the production sites in Asia, East Europe & North Africa.

And this her dream was fading on time… ‘I was seeing the other side of the coin of the fashion world. It was humanly really hard for me to work with many of these realities. Asking people who was not living neither working in human conditions to improve the quality, or even asking them discounts’… So she decided not to be part of it.

And it was then that she started her own EcoFashion project based on Respect, with the values she wanted to work with.

B.e Quality was created on 2010, based on Responsible and Sustainable production, making Slowfashion pieces.

B.e Quality is the passe-par-tout pieces that we wear most. As for its refined simplicity, these pieces are easily worn with jeans in a casual look, or with elegant skirt for a more sophisticated look.

Affordable Luxury is a phrase that best describes B.e Quality: it uses the best quality on all aspects.

As raw material they use exclusively the Pima Cotton. It is one of the finest cottons in the world. Not only because of its extraordinary softness, but also for it’s higher quality. More over, the cotton used comes only from organic farming, and all the process guarantees an EcoFashion product.

The manufacturing is made in Peru applying tailoring techniques that make the difference from mass products. The manufacturing sites are certified for responsible production policies, which includes fair wages, good working conditions, no child labour, etc.

Once you wear a B.e Quality garment, you will experience on your own the special effect it gives to you the choice of the best quality on all aspects with respect of nature, of workers and of you!

To know more about B.e Quality, visit About Us page


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