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World Water Day, Water is Life

By Be Quality | Comments: 0 | March 22, 2020
World Water Day: 22 March 2020

Water is Life!

It is the most precious resource we have: our bodies are at least made of 70% of water.  We all know it’s vital for human, vegetation, and for animals’survival…

We should remind that at least 785 million people in the world still today, in the 21st century, don’t have access to drinking water according to the #WorldHealthOrganisation .

According to a WWF report, by 2025 water shortages will affect at two thirds of the world population. Agriculture is consuming high ammounts of waters, around 70% of water total resources, drying up lakes & rivers.  Water pollution (many of it caused by fashion industry), is making big part of these resources not able to use.

Today in many regions in the south of the world, lack of water is causing important migration movements. Millions of people have to leave their home towns, as in these conditions no food can grow, there’s no drinking water for the population, neither hygienic conditions can be given.

We should also remind that it took some decades for all of us to have the comfort of having tap water in our houses: the complete system in the toilets, showers & kitchens. This has not always been like this. On the 1800’s, when the running water system appeared in North America & Europe, it was first ‘shared tap water’ per neighbourhood in the bigger (and richer) sities. Then one shared tap water system per building, and then per house.

Still today at least 50% of the world’s population do not have this comfort today.

And we take it for granted.

The World Water Day is important to put again our attention on this vital resource.

Let’s be Thankful and take care of #water by:

  1. take short showers
  2. take used oils to a disposable centre
  3. close the water while washing your teeth
  4. repair leaking faucets as soon as possible
  5. limit the use of chemicals / fertilizers/ soaps / detergents
  6. replace  syntethic chemicals/ fertilizers/ soaps/ detergents for biodegradable ones
  7. run washing machine & dish washer in full load
  8. collect rain water

Any other suggestions are welcome to complete this list! Thank you!


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